Joyce Aboussie Attends This Year’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Event at Rockefeller Plaza

Benjamin Franklin is credited for calling on his fellow Americans to “do well by doing good.” After spending a few days at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2023 meeting, I can think of few better examples of people volunteering their time and services for the cause of doing good. CGI serves as an extraordinary platform for change-makers from across the world. This year’s gathering was a testament to the power of action, as leaders from business, government, and civil society convened to tackle pressing global challenges—ranging from climate change and public health crises to the future of artificial intelligence and rebuilding efforts in Ukraine. The shared responsibility of bettering humanity is what sets CGI apart; stakeholders go beyond talking about addressing these challenges and contribute actionable plans for making a tangible difference.
This year’s CGI meeting particularly impressed me with its multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Innovative strategies were presented for bolstering education in underprivileged communities, diversifying energy sources to fight climate change, and fostering economic development in areas torn by conflict and inequality. It’s not just about throwing resources at problems, but about developing a nuanced understanding of underlying issues and creating sustainable solutions. This focus on pragmatic, long-term strategies was complemented by an ecosystem of support, where different sectors commit to collaborating to optimize outcomes. This network of multi-stakeholder cooperation is a cornerstone of CGI, and it ensures that the commitments made during these meetings become greater than the sum of their parts.
Whether listening to former President Bill Clinton interview His Holiness Pope Francis about the challenge of climate change, or taking in a discussion about food insecurity that featured Chef José Andrés, or hearing former Secretary Clinton speak about fighting for the rights of women and girls, CGI was an opportunity to be reinvigorated with hope. Take some time to learn about the incredible work the Clinton Global Initiative is doing here.