Joyce Aboussie: Finding a life-long purpose

St. Jude Inspire, 2022- Joyce Aboussie recalls how her dad came home from a meeting with Danny Thomas and announced he planned to support the entertainer’s goals, despite the family’s limited resources. Now a member of the ALSAC/St. Jude Boards of Directors and Governors, she inherited a sense of purpose that has spanned her life and […]

Joyce Aboussie Hosts Fundraiser Dinner for Deval Patrick

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick told Missouri Democrats the party should focus on touting their ideas as they move to elections in 2014 and 2016. Speaking at the Missouri Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner in downtown St. Louis, Patrick said the ideas of the modern Republican Party prioritize power, not policy. “We […]

Remembering Richard Ben Cramer

Perhaps no one mastered the “old form” better than Richard Ben Cramer, who died on Monday, Jan. 7, in Baltimore, of complications from lung cancer. He was 62. In 1992, Cramer delivered what may well be the best book ever on American politics: What it Takes: The Way to the White House. Like no one before him, Cramer spent […]

Joyce Aboussie among Honored St. Joseph Academy Alumnae

While we sometimes make too much out of high school affiliations in this town, they are the ties that bind. The warmth and legacy of a shared tradition were the backdrop of an animated conversation between Helen Antoine (class of ’81), Susan Conrad (class of ’83) and Annie Castellano (class of ’94), all alumnae of […]

Joyce Aboussie Keynotes Athena Leadership Foundation Summit and Awards

Joyce Aboussie was the keynote speaker when the Athena Leadership Foundation of St. Charles County in Missouri presented one Athena Leadership Award, three Emerging Young Professional awards and one Corporate Leadership Award to celebrate outstanding leadership in the community. Read the rest.

Aboussie & Associates Partner Mobile Commons Texts for Results

News about our associated company Telephone Contact Inc. and our texting partner Mobile Commons from the St. Louis Business Journal: Mobile Commons, a mobile marketing company that includes St. Louisan Joyce Aboussie as one of its partners, generated 400,000 calls to Congress over the issue of Internet legislation. As reported in Forbes, the barrage hit its target and the […]